After a couple of months yes, I am back to posting daily articles sadly work caught up as it always seems to do and I value my paying my rent over most everything so had to do what I had to do that said I could have done more and in my first blog post on the new blog (Joolx sparkes back to life) I mentioned posting at least 1 article a day and sadly I have failed in doing that recently.

So what better way to get the blog restarted than by starting a new series, this series which as the title suggests is being dubbed 'useful extensions' although the full title should probably be 'useful extensions that make daily life that much easier' but that seemed like quite a mouthful.

Joolx has been around in it's current format for what must be around 3 years now and when I originally started on the project I like many others with a new project went all in, I was writing maybe 5 articles a day as well as working near a full time schedule,