Back to the Grind

After a couple of months yes, I am back to posting daily articles sadly work caught up as it always seems to do and I value my paying my rent over most everything so had to do what I had to do that said I could have done more and in my first blog post on the new blog (Joolx sparkes back to life) I mentioned posting at least 1 article a day and sadly I have failed in doing that recently.

However in my defence I have been saving articles to post and I am working to backdate those articles into the site and give them the light they deserve while posting important articles as quickly as I can, tonight alone I suspect I have put together around 15 new articles on the site, although the quality is not fantastic it's sadly a case of trying to get things posted before they no longer matter. Aside from collecting articles to post I have also been working on new pages and the structure of the site.

Updates have been made to the homepage in an effort to make it much more Joomla! focused, less cluster and better on mobile devices. I also made an effort to fix up the Tutorials page and reworked the menu system to accommodate the new pages (while keeping the old ones as some do prefer the more automated blog type look). 

Anyhow the point of this post is: yes we are posting again and yes I will do my utmost to at least stick to one article a day if not more and hopefully some of the previous stuff mentioned such as videos and more tutorials will be coming soon too... 

Lastly to all those that read, comment, tweet, like, plus 1, etc thank you for your patience during this slow time and thank you for sticking with me and understanding as I try to get back into the daily grind!.