Joolx sparkes back to life

Joolx has been around in it's current format for what must be around 3 years now and when I originally started on the project I like many others with a new project went all in, I was writing maybe 5 articles a day as well as working near a full time schedule,

It was a very hectic period and like many others it quickly went from something fun to do, to ... awe man ... 4 more articles to write before i can sleep this sucks!

I think many new site owners of new project starters will tell you the same thing, pace yourself and then do the complete opposite themselves by going head first and knee deep into the latest obsession oddly however the reason Joolx was rebooted recently in it's current format relates to the same reason it was left as a ghost town for near a year and a half. It's a story which I literally cannot go into details at this present time but in a nutshell I was hired by a company (freelance) to do a ton of server work for them and initially it was going well and around October of last year they stopped paying invoices and in February of this year it was confirmed that the company has gone into administration leaving me with a lot of unpaid invoices and a worrying time ahead. 

While the worries have not gone away i.e finding work and paying for things, the work has so it does free up some of my time and the best way I find to use my time is to work on Joolx which is what I have been doing in between jobs and at night however I have learned my lesson and the need to post a zillion articles has been replaced with "at least put something out daily" which considering youtubers put out 1-2 videos a day (the good ones) an article a day at the worst shouldn't be so hard.. i hope!

Now long time readers (do I actually have any of those?) will be aware that I often tend to use the blog of Joolx to dribble on about my personal life, my business life, life in general and updates to the site (as you can see above) however I decided that when i got Joolx up and running again I would put more of a focus on making the site a little more business friendly i.e hire me! and a little less personal. Obviously reading this post that likely does not translate given what's said above however I would it wise to just get the reason for the abandonment out of the way and assure you all that no such abandonment regardless of roles will occur in the future. 

So... as this is probably my only personal-ish type blog post on the site hopefully ever I thought it wise to let you know what you can expect from Joolx and myself going forward:

1. an article a day keeps the doctor away - as noted above one article per day minimal 

2. actually write the tutorials i make sections for - the previous Joolx had an awesome help system put together for tutorials, faqs and the likes but alas it never came to be.

3. not expand a million miles in all directions - the site is Joomla! focused and covers snippets of other stuff, at least for now

4. centralize the Joolx community - the previous site used a massive social network type component with groups, pages, discussions, messages and a forum system which provided for QnA's it was very sleek and left everyone confused where to post so no more of that we have a bulletin board (forums) with a small set of forums which should cover most items of discussion and I have allowed for them to grow if need be but we will be keeping it trim this time around

5. less is more, but more is most - more forms of content is coming hopefully written wont be the only medium Joolx will be delivering this year but watch this space as plans change  and computers blow up (seriously!) 

That about covers it I think I have a lot of ideas but as with all ideas sometimes it's best to let them ferment and grow for a while as what's good in my head often doesn't translate in the real world (bacon ice cream anyone?) but more is coming so watch this space.

Finally! The blog, well the blog will be used for business type ideas, marketing ideas everything really that can help those using a CMS platform or Freelancers looking to break in, help make their life easier by explaining everything i did wrong and what worked out in the end! So... that's the end of this first and final personal blog (again, i hope) but if you wish to yabber about anything (almost literally) hit me up in the forums or on twitter (@iKrisstoffer) and till next time peace!

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