Useful Extensions #1: Cache Cleaner

So what better way to get the blog restarted than by starting a new series, this series which as the title suggests is being dubbed 'useful extensions' although the full title should probably be 'useful extensions that make daily life that much easier' but that seemed like quite a mouthful.

The first product being featured in this series is a product by Regular Labs formerly known as NoNumber, they offer a whole range of little extensions that are excellently focused on what they need to do and not much more and that's a good way. So enough build up the product from Regular Labs rather large range I picked first up is Cache Cleaner a simple, effective and free/low price extension that does what it's intended to do fantastically.

While cleaning the cache in Joomla! is hardly the hardest thing to do in the world, sometimes it's just not practical to be hopping between the article manager make changes, saving them then clearing the cache - this is even more troublesome when you take a look at page builders where you are not just changing a few lines of text but possibly an entire page! I recently encountered this problem myself as I often save articles give them a quick read then further edit, quick read etc etc... clearing the cache became a case of leaving another tab open and hoping Joomla! didn't complain about unauthorized access.

So what exactly does cache cleaner do I hear nobody ask as its name tells you everything it does, well nearly. Cache Cleaner puts an administrator module into Joomla's footer bar which upon click clears the cache .. simple as that but it does have a lot more options even in the free version, which is entirely unhindered by the fact it also has a commercial counterpart - it does what it needs to do out of the box with the free version with the commercial version often being more for the power user or control freak.

The extension comes in two parts, part 1 an administrator module, that pretty much shows the clear cache button, part 2 is the system plugin and this is where the magic happens. Aside from just clearing the cache which again is amazingly helpful because of where it is it also offers further options such as:

  • Clear the expired cache (yes/no/via button)
  • Clear the update cache (yes/no/via button)
  • Clear the OpCache (yes/no/via button)
  • Frontend cache clear (with 'secret word')
  • Automated cache clearing on save/apply - this also related to modules, not just content

This is literally the basic feature list and doesn't include the advanced tab on the plugin but again it's just one of those things that works very well, that said if Joomla introduced a similar feature into the core with only a handful of the settings, this author would be very happy.

So that brings and end to the first episode of 'useful extensions' I have included some related links below but check out the extension if you need further support check out our forums and if you have any ideas for the next other useful extensions we can include into this series let us know in the comments of get in touch with us directly!

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