CMS Made Simple 2.2 nearing beta

CMS Made Simple not to be outdone by the recent announcements of the Drupal 8.3.0 release candidate or the upcoming Joomla! 3.7 release have announced (via a forum post) that version 2.2 will be entering beta soon and it's setting up to be a massive release if the forum post is anything to go by. The beta which according again to the post is expected to drop within the week but not much was said about what specifically is new but that it promises to be a big release. 

While the blog post did not elaborate on features a post in the CMS Made Simple community news section way back in December did and the basic run down is as follows: 

  • New database abstraction engine
  • Protocol relative URI's.
  • New asynchronous job processing
  • Improved admin interface
  • Support for file-based design and development workflows
  • Improvements to the Design Manager
  • New "hooks" API, and more events
  • Cleaned up admin log
  • New alerts mechanism
  • Better permission management

The post does go into much greater detail so make sure you check it out in regards to when the beta will drop it was mentioned in the forum post it was suggested it will take around a week to see the beta become a reality but in the event that does happen the forum post did expand on that by saying...

Currently, we're going through internal testing to try to get all of the major issues out of the way... and undergoing testing by a select few 'eager beavers' as well. Everything is looking good so far. There are some issues, but generally speaking, all of them are minor, requiring only one or two lines of code to fix up.