Mozilla unimpressed with CIA and Wikileaks

Mozilla have seemingly taken issue with not only the CIA but also Wikileaks themselves for the latest leaks by Wikileaks, which have been reported and covered far and wide including in mainstream media such as the New York Times. Mozilla have been one of the first to issue a statement regarding the leak which is one that's hard to argue.

The whole process appears to be shockingly simple and shines a light on both sides of the supposed leak, the CIA for holding onto and seemingly stockpiling exploits and Wikileaks for releasing information pertaining to those leaks without giving the developers any prior warning i.e disclosing the issue(s) prior to it/them being released into the wild. It's simple in nature but a very complex issue in that leaking information such as Wikileaks have done could lead to lot of unwanted hacks occurring while at the same time the CIA hoarding such issues does seem be to be counter responsive in regards to keeping the web safe.

It's fair to admit that the issue is well beyond the realm of this little site and in truth this author so for those interested, we suggest you check out the Mozilla official statement/response related to this issue and come to your own conclusion however a snippet of the statement has been posted below.

If the information released in today’s reports are accurate, then it proves the CIA is undermining the security of the internet – and so is Wikileaks. We’ve said before that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and this is true in this example, regarding the disclosure of security vulnerabilities. It appears that neither the CIA nor Wikileaks are living up to that standard – the CIA seems to be stockpiling vulnerabilities, and Wikileaks seems to be using that trove for shock value rather than coordinating disclosure to the affected companies to give them a chance to fix it and protect users.