TYPO have released the latest Long-Term Support version of TYPO3 in the form of version 8, this release includes new features within the core for both users and developers alike but one of the biggest improvements noted in the release announcement post related to the speed of the core which has been greatly improved more so on PHP7 which the developers say that TYPO3 LTS 8 runs (on average) twice as fast on PHP7 than it does on PHP 5.6 but aside from speed a small snippet of new features include:

The Croogo development team have announced the immediate release of Croogo 3.0.0-beta 1, according to the release announcement all plugins have already been ported to the new release however it does stress that other items are as yet still to be ported. 

As noted previously (Moodle updates coming March 13th) Moodle have released the latest versions in the form of 3.2.2, 3.1.5, 3.0.9 and 2.7.19. As mentioned in the official release announcement post 2.7 (LTS) and 3.0 branches are currently supported for security fixes only. The release(s) contain bug fixes and minor improvements as well as fixes for security vulnerabilities found within the releases.  

glFusion have put out a call for translators and further testing on their 1.6.6 a whole heap of issues (42 according to the post) have already been fixed as they push forward. 

SCHLIX CMS version 2.1.0 has been released and according to the release announcement (here) it aims to improve the blogging functionality of SCHLIX. A lot of blogging improvements have been released like the ability to cross post articles/posts into multiple categories.