SCHLIX CMS v2.1.0 released

SCHLIX CMS version 2.1.0 has been released and according to the release announcement (here) it aims to improve the blogging functionality of SCHLIX. A lot of blogging improvements have been released like the ability to cross post articles/posts into multiple categories. 

Aside from cross posting articles into various categories, tagging functionality has been introduced, intro images and secondary titles are all now in the core blogging application. All in all it reads like a pretty solid release and this article barely touches on the new features so be sure to check out the release announcement (above) for more information.

quote from release article:

As mentioned in late January, we wanted to provide better blogging built-in capability in SCHLIX CMS. Today, SCHLIX CMS v2.1.0 has been released with improvements focused mainly in its blogging application. The most significant change in this release is multi-category in blog posts. Blog posts can now be assigned to multiple categories as well as tags. For each blog post, the canonical URL will be set to its primary category that you assign. Tagging was also introduced as well to make it on par with other blogging platform. Introductory picture and secondary heading is also now built-in within blog app. We have also added blogarchive block and added caching options for production environment to reduce the SQL query to the database

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