Upgrading to SilverStripe 4

The SilverStripe website has posted a video covering the SilverStripe 4 upgrade process, unlike most upgrade videos this is actually from a recent meetup at the SilverStripe headquarters attended by SilverStripe users themselves. The talk was hosted by SilverStripe developer Robbie Averill

You can read the official blog post on the SilverStripe blog but the snippet below covers the gist of things with video itself being the focal point.

Today, we’ve released one of the talks from the event on the topic of "Upgrading to SilverStripe 4". The presentation was delivered by SilverStripe developer, Robbie Averill. He covered the major changes in the upgrading process, smaller "gotchas", new code conventions and best practices, and how to use the SilverStripe upgrader tool. The talk will no doubt give you some ideas, tips and tricks, in your process of upgrading modules and/or projects to SilverStripe 4.