Wordpress.com releases chrome extension

The Wordpress.com team have released a new extension for google chrome, which is free and is also already published on the Google Chrome app store. The new chrome app allows users to collaborate on Google documents putting together a post then publishing it to a WordPress enabled blog with or without jetpack.

The official product announcement post here also notes that the post itself was published with the extension and the source code for the chrome app is also up on GitHub for others to get an idea of how things work or even give users a hint on how best to put together their own chrome add-on for WordPress. 

The massive advantage this extension provides to Wordpress is the ability to collaborate on an article in real time as such allowing multiple editors to write sections of an article at the same time, allow those proof reading to correct or fact check as the author writes along or even images being inserted by the 'media guy' again as the article is written then a quick click or two and hey presto a post in Wordpress ready for the world to see. 


Matt Mullenweg creator of Wordpress has posted his thoughts on the new extension urging users to take advantage of (if you need them) Googles rich feature set on Google Docs which is by far much better than probably anything Wordpress (and any other CMS for that matter) currently offers. see his post on his official blog here