Joomla Marketing looking for Lead Designer

The Joomla Marketing team have put up a post looking for a new Lead Designer, it's not the first time Joomla! has looked for a creative soul when not so long ago the Joomla! shop was looking for 'creative minds' (Creative minds wanted). It's a great opportunity for any designer to get their work shown to a global audience but before jumping in a whole heap of requirements are to be met...

The key requirements alone should be enough to scare off those with half hearted ambitions:

Key requirements:

  • You have a creative mind and experience in both digital and print media
  • Proficient in designing for the web, mobile and other connected devices as well as have some experience in Print design
  • A strong portfolio of personal design work, demonstrating your unique style and creativity
  • Strong, motivational leadership skills & a ‘Get things done’ approach
  • An interest in Open Source philosophy and not-for-profit initiatives and organizations
  • Excellent knowledge of English (and any other extra language! We are an international project!).
  • Aware of other cultures
  • Good listener
  • Able to work remotely with a diverse group of volunteers from all around the world.

If that doesn't put you off then perhaps give the blog post a read and offering your skills to the Joomla! project.