JCE Pro 2.6.15 Released

So as I often today on the weekend I was playing catch up with writing news articles and had just finished writing JCE 2.6.14 Released and they go and release version 2.6.15 - drat.

JCE hopefully most will know is a really popular editor (WYSIWYG) for Joomla!. This release is a small but important release for those of you using SP PAge Builder of Widgetkit 2.9.x as it addresses issues with those. 

As this is a compatibility release the changelog is quite small (below) but it looks to be just tightening things up and making sure the editor is solid going forward. You can check out the full release announcement here and as promised here is the changelog:

  • Fixed: Page reloads when the Joomla Read More button below the editor is clicked.
  • Fixed: Editor fails to load in SP Page Builder.
  • Fixed: Removed workaround for WidgetKit 2 editor issue as this has been fixed in WidgetKit 2.9.8
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