Joomlatools Framework 3.0 Released

Joomlatools have released the latest version of the Joomlatools Framework, the self-named framework happens to power all of the Joomlatools extensions including the ever popular DOCman, LOGman, EXTman and the recently released TEXTman (Joomlatools releases TEXTman 1.0). The new release comes with several new additions including a restructuring of the framework to make it "more streamlined experience from development to installation" as well as the option to bundle the framework with a Joomla extension.

The final change or feature addition to the framework comes in the form of Joomlatools UI a design kit which should enhance styling for extensions making it much easier to create a good looking powerful extension. You can read the official release announcement here, check out joomlatools framework here and read up on the joomlatools UI here