UIkit 3 Beta 23 released

Yootheme have released the latest beta of their product UIKit which according to them powers a good deal of their products including templates and yootheme pro. The front-end framework is open-source and available for download and testing. A whole heap of changes have been made that are discussed in the official release announcement post but a brief selection of those include: 

  • Parallax component
  • Grid Parallax component
  • Form Range component
  • Marker component
  • hidden classes for touch devices to visibility component
  • padding xlarge to padding component
  • transform center to utility component
  • clsBelow option for Sticky component (uk-sticky-below)

The full changelog for UIKit can be found here and yootheme have asked for people to test and provide feedback on this release which you can do via UIKit gitter chat.