YOOtheme Pro 1.6 Released

YOOtheme 1.6 pro has been released and in the event you are kicking yourself wondering what YOOtheme pro is, it's a page builder much like what numerous other template vendors are currently creating with YOOtheme Pro being YOOthemes own effort. The latest release includes one of the most requested features which is the option of using a WYSIWYG editor within the content elements, furthermore a few new content elements have been added such as:

  • Table Element
  • Countdown element
  • Box-shadow bottom option
  • Anonymize Google Analytics

as well as a few other smaller options such as font-style for UIKit components as well as border gradient support for the base, button and tab components and lastly box-shadow option on the video elements all in all the editor is coming along nicely and does seem to resemble more of the wordpress methodology of doing things. 

If you want to read up more on this particular release you can check out the official post otherwise for those looking to get their hands on YOOtheme Pro you can review the extension here as well as trying out the demo here

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