JCE Pro the commercial offering of the very popular Joomla! alternative (to the core TinyMCE) content editor has released version 2.6.12 which looks to address several issues found in the previous release. The official changelog reads like:

Joomlart has rapidly moved into the page builder trend that has hit Joomla! recently and have released a Pro and Premium version of their page builder dubbed JA Page Builder. Joomlart seems incredibly confident in what is a relative newcomer to the page builder scene already declaring it the best page builder in their pro/premium release announcement post.

The free version of JA page builder is not, however, going away and will remain part of the product line but does not offer as many content blocks as well as no page library (which aids in rapidly creating pages by offering pre-made templates). The new Pro/Premium versions offer 18 content block types and 100+ content blocks.

For more information on page, builder check this link

Joomlart has released RC2 of their new JA Joomla! Page Builder which is getting closer and closer to becoming a stable release, many template vendors have taken to putting page builders in some form or another into their templates with Rockettheme, Joomshaper, Joomlart and a few others all sporting their own brand of page builder. This release according to the official blog post includes 40+ bug fixes and a few improvements.

Joomshaper have released a new free gallery component for Joomla!. The new gallery called SP Easy Image Gallery is aimed to be as it's name suggests easy to use and save users time by being beautiful out of the box.

One of the newer requirements to be listed on the Joomla! extensions directory (JED) is that the extension must support the Joomla! updater you can read more about that here. Joomlatools one of the most popular extension vendors for Joomla! sporting products like the hugely popular DOCman as well as other extensions like LOGman & FILEman have confirmed via a blog post that all their extensions going forward now support the Joomla Updater. 

Before version 3.0 the only way to update our extensions was by uploading new packages through Joomla’s administrator. Now you can use Joomla’s built-in one-click-update to receive upgrades. Please note that the Joomla updater makes callbacks to our servers which is required for version checking and to download the upgrade packages.

More and more vendors are making inroads to support the Joomla! updater and moves by the larger vendors signals only good things for Joomla! users and site administrators going forward in terms of keeping sites as up to date as possible and in theory that much more secure.

YOOtheme 1.6 pro has been released and in the event you are kicking yourself wondering what YOOtheme pro is, it's a page builder much like what numerous other template vendors are currently creating with YOOtheme Pro being YOOthemes own effort. The latest release includes one of the most requested features which is the option of using a WYSIWYG editor within the content elements, furthermore a few new content elements have been added such as: