Creative minds wanted

The Joomla project is looking for a new creative mind to help design new products for the Joomla! Shop. The post itself also covers the Joomla! shop relaunch which has been described as being a great place to buy official Joomla merchandise for events and what not as well as the obvious branding reasons.. that and what FOSS project couldn't do with a little extra cash

“We have been going through major changes to improve our shop and the logistic behind it. We are now looking for designers that may help to personalize a new series of products and items for the Joomla! shop with the aim to spread the Joomla! love all over the world.”

The post goes on to say that's it's open to every designer and creative mind that knows what Joomla! is as well as additionally notes that being a volunteer designer isn't the easiest of roles giving away elements of your creativity for 'free' but that efforts will be made to display who designed what...

A whole heap of application instructions are covered in the official post so give it a look and we (at Joolx) hope to see your work on the store soon...