Joomla! confirmed via it's official twitter account that a new milestone had been hit with the CMS now hitting 80 million downloads, Joomla! is aiming to cement it's position behind Wordpress in the CMS market and Joomla! 3.7/4.0 will likely be highlight marketing to try close the gap further but face competition with Drupal 8 on the horizon. 

Rocketheme have updated a ton of templates today the list of templates updates are: Syndicate, Paradox, Maelstrom, Tachyon, Mercado, Entropy, Nebulae and Modulus. Most if not all the templates offer PHP 7.1 compatibility updates.

One of the newer requirements to be listed on the Joomla! extensions directory (JED) is that the extension must support the Joomla! updater you can read more about that here. Joomlatools one of the most popular extension vendors for Joomla! sporting products like the hugely popular DOCman as well as other extensions like LOGman & FILEman have confirmed via a blog post that all their extensions going forward now support the Joomla Updater. 

Before version 3.0 the only way to update our extensions was by uploading new packages through Joomla’s administrator. Now you can use Joomla’s built-in one-click-update to receive upgrades. Please note that the Joomla updater makes callbacks to our servers which is required for version checking and to download the upgrade packages.

More and more vendors are making inroads to support the Joomla! updater and moves by the larger vendors signals only good things for Joomla! users and site administrators going forward in terms of keeping sites as up to date as possible and in theory that much more secure.

Joomla! have confirmed that they will be going back to HostingCon for the 2nd year running after attending in 2016 which was marked as a successful debut for the ever growing Content Management System/Platform. In 2016 as cited in the article letting us know they will be attending in 2017 the author remarks how it was a massive success with Joomla! holding over 40 1on1 meetings, picking up new sponsorship deals and making lots of new friends.

Yootheme have released the march template for Joomla! and theme for Wordpress called Sonic, Sonic is a minimal style theme with clean edges and a smart look and if the demo is anything to go by is very driven towards events and events management (conferences for example)

Joomla! has always had an annoying issue with getting sites up to date running on the latest releases, more so back in the days of Joomla! 1.x and the product from which it spawned Mambo when the update process included overwriting files and other tedious things which no longer plague the Joomla! core. In fact from memory Joomla! has had included a simple update system for a few years now and with migrations now a thing of the past (touch wood) the concept of not updating sites seems impractical. 

However despite the simple updates being offered to the Joomla! core, extensions and in a lot of cases even templates (which supports overrides ergo .. changes not overwritten) people are still holding off and getting their sites up to date and runnong on the latest release. The issue must have struck a cord with 6 Joomla! users as they got together to create a virtual event dubbed Joomla! update day which planned to offer free support and assistance to get people running on the latest versions of Joomla!

The virtual event set a goal of 100 websites to be updates but smashed that record reaching 156 a remarkable achievement however given the literal millions of installs of Joomla! it could be suggested that this be made an annual virtual event or even introduced as a standard thing at the local JUG meetups.