Not so long ago JCE released version 2.6.12 and are now back with another bug fix release although the keen eyes of you will ask where 2.6.13 was, my guess would be superstition kicking in a little - either way the super popular editor is back again and this around the changelog is quite meaty although again a bug fix release one new toy (read addition) has been pushed out for JCE Pro users.

The folks over at Jomsocial have confirmed the release of JomSocial 4.3.4, based on the release announcement the biggest change is the removal of the iJoomla installer which was discontinued and the creation of a new native Joomla install and update notification. Aside from JomSocial 4.3.4 a new version of Socialize is out. 

Kunena the popular forum extension for Joomla! have released the latest version which is part bugfix release but by far more important is also a security release. This release follows on quickly from the previous 5.0.8 release and includes the following in its release announcement:

Joomlatools the people behind popular Joomla! extensions such as DOCman, EXTman, LOGman have released version 1.0 of TEXTman a front-end article manager for Joomla!. According to the official blog post version 1.0 took over a year of hard work to put together however the feature set makes for an impressive read.