Common Joomla! issues

This post is an on-going one which we use to collect issues users encounter and add them to one massive reference base as such an in-depth FAQ specifically for Joomla!'s most common errors.
The most simple of all the errors and usually the most common to boot.
The file Cache Storage is not supported on this platform.

This errors usually stems from Joomla! being unable to write one or more specific paths, this could be down to either the paths do not exist or the web server/PHP user cannot access them.

The paths in question are:

  • <webroot>/cache
  • <webroot>/administrator/cache
  • <webroot>/tmp
In most cases, this can be as simple as creating the directory that's missing or setting the permissions correctly on the folder via the chown command. 

One example we found on a client's site was when we deployed the site from GIT to the live server the /tmp, /cache and /administrator/cache had been added to the .gitignore file as to not traffic Joomla! junk into the repository. Once we added the folders and used chown -R user:group ./folder all was functional once again.

If you encounter this issue we advise you check your system info via the ACP and verify all folders are writable. If you still cannot resolve this issue then head over to our forums to seek further help from the Joolx community.
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